Hey, it’s Sage. I’m the founder of DatingReview101.com and the reviewer of the dating advice products found on this site. I decided to create this site as a free resource for guys wanting to become more successful with women and dating. None of the products reviewed on this site will turn you into a chick-magnet overnight. But if you’re committed to improving this area of your life, then this site will be one of your most valuable resources.

I first started learning pickup artistry from David DeAngelo and Carlos Xuma. These were the first guys who really got me hooked on this whole idea of ‘personal development’. Both of their teaching styles resonated with me since their methods of attraction focused primarily on becoming a more confident person. After learning from these experts, I realized that one of the main reasons I was struggling in my dating life was because of my own self-limiting beliefs.

I now realize that it’s possible for even the average guy to achieve incredible results by simply emulating the techniques and mindsets of the most successful Dating Experts. To attract high-quality women into your life, you don’t need to become a savvy pickup artist. And you don’t need to rely on manipulative tactics or memorized scripts to make women notice you.

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