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For most guys, approaching a woman and starting a conversation is a scary thing. The fear of rejection can be so debilitating that most guys won't even take the risk. But if you can’t approach a girl and start a conversation, then your options of meeting and dating new women will always be limited.  David DeAngelo’s Approaching Women And Starting Conversations program is one of the most comprehensive products on the market on how to effectively use pickup lines to start conversations with women.  It’s an online video course (also available as CD set) that covers every aspect of the approach.
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  • Other Score 9 / 10
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You’re in a coffee shop and see a hot babe sitting all by herself. She’s sipping on a latte and looks just like your type of girl. Do you make the first move and start talking to her? Or do you justify your fear along the lines of, She probably has a boyfriend anyway? If your fear gets the best of you in situations like this, or if you don’t know how to start a conversation in a relaxed and natural way, then you need to get this area of your life fixed once and for all. This how to approach a lady program will help you do that.

David DeAngelo has written and created numerous dating advice products. Follow the links below for more reviews of his products.

Approaching Women And Starting Conversations Review

David DeAngelo has had a profound influence on the way I think about women and attraction. I usually don’t advocate using pickup lines to meet women. But if there ever was a product on how to do it, then this would be the one.

Approaching Women was recorded at one of DeAngelos’s live seminars including various guest speakers. Mystery, Craig, Tyler, Will, Sean, and Dr. Paul, as well as a couple of female guest speakers, share their own perspectives on how to master the approach. So even if you don’t agree with one speaker’s style, you’re given many different variations to suit your own personality type.

Here’s the thing about pickup lines: You don’t really need them. But if you’re not comfortable at improvising–or if you lack confidence in your social skills–then having a planned “opener” can be extremely helpful in overcoming your initial fear.

Approaching women is one of the more important skills taught in the seduction community. Obviously you can’t just rely on a pickup line, so you’ll need some conversational strategies to follow up on your approach. So the goal of this program is to teach you how to initiate the conversation AND how to keep the conversation flowing in a fun and flirtatious way.

As you practice the techniques taught in the program, you’ll begin to develop your own style by adapting the approaches to suit your own style. This in turn will help you become more of a natural conversationalist. When you’re at the level where you can walk up to any woman in almost any situation, then you’ll know that you’ve made it.

In addition to giving specific word-for-word examples, you’ll also learn about the most common mistakes to avoid. Sometimes it’s not so much about saying the right things as it is about not saying the wrong things. (For an in-depth conversation course devoted to attracting women in bars and clubs, you’ll also want to check out Meeting Woman In Bars & Clubs also by David DeAngelo.)


Approaching Women isn’t an exclusive David DeAngelo product–many of the world’s best pickup artists are included in the pre-recorded seminar. So think of it more as a collaboration of the world’s best dating coaches. It’s an in-depth product with literally 10+ hours of video content covering both outer game (what to say) and inner game (how to control your fear) in extensive detail. If you make the commitment to yourself that you finally want to learn how to make a great first impression with women, then this how to approach a lady course will be one of the best investments you can make for yourself. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something less expensive, then you’ll want to check out Conversation Escalation: How To Make Small Talk Sexy by Bobby Rio which is our top-rated conversation course for the beginner student.

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