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The Desire System by David Tian is an evolved dating system that will appeal to the thinking man. There are many dating products that teach "tricks" and "openers," and while these systems can be tremendously helpful to the beginner student, they also tend to create problems further down the road. This system was created with the advanced student in mind, but any guy looking to improve his dating skills and overall happiness will get value from what David Tian has to say. It’s honest, practical, and in the long-run, more effective than the more popular "pickup artist" products.
  • Total Score 94 / 100

  • Overall Presentation 10 / 10
  • Effectiveness 16 / 20
  • Practicability 20 / 20
  • Innovativeness 9 / 20
  • Value For Money 20 / 20
  • Other Score 9 / 10
  • Product Details

    • Expert: David Tian
    • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    • Format: Video (Download, Online Access), MP3 (Download)
    • Price: $67
    • Where To Buy:
    • Guarantee: ​60-day money back

Who This Product Is For

If you’re at the point in your progression where one-night stands no longer satisfy you, and you want to experience deeper and more meaningful relationships, then The Desire System review and the product is for you.

The techniques and mindsets won’t just help you become better with women, but they’ll literally transform you into a more superior man. The product filters out all the nonsense and includes only the very best concepts for achieving long-term success in dating and life. That said, the changes won’t happen overnight. To get the most out of it, you do have to invest considerable effort. But if you’re dedicated to improving yourself, then it’s well worth the investment.

What’s Included

The desire system  (online video and download)

  • Introduction
  • The System in Action
  • The Science of Attraction
  • The Approach
  • Connection
  • Humor & Vulnerability
  • Jason Capital (Dating Coach)
  • Sexuality
  • On Neediness
  • On Self-Esteem

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The Desire System Review

About the creator

For this Desire System review, I have taken time to learn more about David Tian, the creator of the Desire System. He’s a Chinese-Canadian with an impressive academic background. In addition to his Ph.D. in Asian Cultures and Philosophy, he also holds fellowships and awards from several highly respected institutions including Harvard University. In other words, this dude is smart. But his real passion is women–so much so that he left his cozy teaching position to pursue the world of pickup artistry.

Obviously, David is passionate about what he does, and it’s apparent by his clear and elegant teaching style throughout the program. In this video course–available both as online video and download formats — David gives candid and sometimes embarrassing accounts of the mistakes he made on his own path to mastery. He backs up his methods with scientific research and provides a variety of sources from other dating experts.

The desire system course

This dating advice course is targeted at the intelligent man. If you’re willing to spend time improving your life quality, you’ll be related to David’s methods. The course is composed of two main parts, “Desire” and “Lust.”  The first part is what David calls “The Emotional Activation System.” You’ll learn exactly what it is and why it’s so effective. Then in the second part “Lust,” you give practical ways to implement the techniques and strategies in your own life.

First, you’ll need awareness. There’s no way to fix a problem until you’re consciously aware of it. Only by identifying specific areas that cause you to fail will you be able to fix the problem that’s holding you back. David doesn’t shy away from speaking this truth. He regularly emphasizes the importance of working hard to fix your issues. It’s a topic that other dating coaches tend to avoid, but you must learn to manage your emotions.

Emotions are intangible and not always easy to understand. David does a marvelous job breaking down each emotional state while giving you a systematic approach to applying each technique in your own life. If you have a very low level of confidence, which usually means you also suffer from anxiety, you probably haven’t had the kind of success with women you want. In that case, you’ll need to work harder than other people.

The inner game insights

For me, the inner game insights were worth far more than the price of the entire program. But to be fair, not every guy will be willing to put in the required work. Whether it be anger, anxiety, regrets, or resentment, each of us carries emotional baggage to some extent. We don’t like to admit it–even to ourselves. But these core issues need to be addressed if you truly want to become the type of man that women desire. David is brutally honest in this area, even if it’s not something you want to hear.

Learn to manage a woman’s emotional state

The “Lust” sections delve into the specifics of implementation. You’ll learn how to manage any woman’s emotional state without being manipulative. You’ll learn how to communicate your emotions more honestly to attract higher quality women that will fall in love with you. You’ll learn how to communicate honestly but without losing your masculine power. There’s nothing manipulative or sleazy about the skillset you’ll develop from this program.  There’s even a spiritual element too which will be relevant to the more evolved man.


A woman responds strongly to men who truly know their purpose in life. When you explore and master your emotional state, you become far more attractive to women. And when you learn how to transfer those emotions to the realm of seduction, it becomes the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

David has set a new standard in self-help for men. In a lot of ways, it’s superior to almost every other dating advice for men products that we have reviewed. Not only is it extremely effective, but it covers a broader range of skills. If you want to connect emotionally to smart and beautiful women, while also getting in touch with your higher self, then I recommend you check out the Desire System.

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