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Carlos Xuma dating advice for men products teach you how to attract women with the REAL you. Xuma got started in the seduction community in the early 2000s after he realized that he needed to “fix” his situation with women and dating. After reading all the mainstream and non-mainstream dating guides and books, he discovered that much of what was being taught didn’t really work and was mostly just bullshit. Carlos Xuma has since released numerous of dating products like The Bad Boy Formula, Ulitmate Inner Game, Alpha Masculinity, and several other great ebooks, video, and audio products that teach you more than just “pickup.” His alpha male and social skills training products are some of the most impressive to date. He’s also the author of The Dating Black Book and Get A Girlfriend Fast audio course which teaches you how to find a quality girlfriend in less than 30 days.

#1 - The Bad Boy Formula Review (89 / 100)

The Bad Boy Formula is a multi-media program created by dating coach and expert Carlos Xuma, that teaches men how to permanently cure their “nice guy” syndrome.  It’s no secret that women are attracted to bad boys.  On an intellectual level, she may realize that the guy isn’t right for her.  But on an emotional level, she can’t help but feel attracted to him.  This is a fact that every guy needs to accept.  But what if you don’t want to be a jerk around women?  The idea with this Bad boy Formula program is that you can learn to trigger attraction by adding that extra edge to your personality without being an asshole.
bad boy formula

#2 - Alpha Masculinity Review (88 / 100)

Alpha Masculinity: No More Mr. Nice Guy is one of the most comprehensive inner game products. This online dating advice for men video program teaches you how to supercharge your masculine confidence so that your fear no longer holds you back. Your parents never taught you this stuff. And although you might have gotten well-intentioned advice from your friends, chances are that almost everything you were told about “being a man” was dead wrong. The good news is that masculinity is something that can easily be learned. No more pleasing women, no more kissing ass. It’s time to man up!
alpha masculinity

#3 - Ultimate Inner Game Review (86 / 100)

Confidence is one of the most important skills in dating and attraction. But how exactly do you become more confident? Up for review is Ultimate Inner Game by Carlos Xuma. It’s his most in-depth course on how to master your inner psychology. This multi-media course comprises videos, audio, and an ebook. Whereas other inner game products focus more on self-hypnosis, this program is more grounded in real-life applicability. No weird affirmations or hypnosis tricks--just honest advice that works.

#4 - The Dating Black Book Review (83 / 100)

The Dating Black Book was the first dating advice book I bought from Carlos Xuma. It’s what I call an all-in-one dating guide. Most people would consider it a beginner product, but it's actually quite comprehensive covering the dating world from the inside out. It includes all the important beliefs and strategies of the pickup community, both the inner game and outer game. I’m holding the physical copy in my hands right now--a whopping 470 pages of dating advice, psychology, philosophy, and seduction. If I had to choose only one book giving the best bang for your dollar, then I’d choose this one. Find out why in the review below.

#5 - How To Talk To Women Review (82 / 100)

How To Talk To Women by Carlos Xuma is one of his most important launches.  The number one reason why most guys fail with women is simply because they lack social skills.  Women are far more in-tuned to social dynamics than men.  And unless you’re able to understand and lead the conversation, you will never get the results you want with women and dating.  Either you end up being ignored, or you end stuck in the friend zone.  Either way, it’s not good.  This video program gives you the fundamental skills to avoiding these common problems.  By becoming a natural conversationalist--the kind of guy who can spark attraction without having to worry about what to say next--you will be more confident and attractive.
how to talk to women

#6 - Get A Girlfriend Fast Review (80 / 100)

Get a Girlfriend Fast is an entry-level audio product created by Carlos Xuma. He claims that his techniques and strategies are guaranteed to help you build bulletproof confidence--the most important skill you’ll need to meet and attract women. On the one hand, the product does manage to cover many different facets of dating success. There are tips on how to meet women, how to talk to women, how to set up a date, and how to make her your girlfriend. If you don’t seem to have any "luck" at finding a girlfriend, then this product will show you where the problem lies. But on the other hand, the product lacks depth in certain areas. In this Get a Girlfriend Fast review, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of this program and whether or not it’s worth buying.
get a girlfriend fast

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