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david tian

David Tian is a Chinese-Canadian dating coach who started learning dating skills in his 20s by studying the world’s greatest attraction experts. Also known as the “Asian Rake,” he teaches an intelligent system of seduction with an emphasis on self-development. Tian himself is a very smart guy himself holding a Ph.D. in Asian Culture and Philosophy from The University of Michigan. He also holds several awards and fellowships from Harvard University, The University of Toronto, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. In 2010, after having developed his own style of attraction, and having found a niche for the Asian market, Tian decided to leave his cozy position as a philosophy professor at the National University of Singapore to pursue his true passion. He then founded the Aura Dating Academy where he continues to coach and create top-tier products. His latest product, The Desire System, was well-received and is one of the most innovative, mature, and effective programs for intermediate and advanced students.

#1 - The Desire System Review (94 / 100)

The Desire System by David Tian is an evolved dating system that will appeal to the thinking man. There are many dating products that teach "tricks" and "openers," and while these systems can be tremendously helpful to the beginner student, they also tend to create problems further down the road. This system was created with the advanced student in mind, but any guy looking to improve his dating skills and overall happiness will get value from what David Tian has to say. It’s honest, practical, and in the long-run, more effective than the more popular "pickup artist" products.
the desire system

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