Make Girls Want You By Triggering Emotional Hot Buttons

Posted by Sage, January 12, 2019.

You can’t convince a woman to like you by using logic. But many guys think they can talk women into liking them…

They brag about their accomplishments. They buy women flowers in an attempt to win them over. They try to impress women with expensive gifts and jewelry. It’s almost as if they’re saying: “Please, choose me!” The irony is that none of these things actually trigger real attraction in a woman.

Women think differently than men. Men tend to think more in terms of facts. Women are more emotional and are primarily driven by their feelings. For many women, emotions are facts. So in order to trigger attraction in a woman, you have to lead her towards a desired emotional state.

Emotions are extremely addictive. They fuel our desires and actions. For a woman to feel attracted to you, you need to communicate with her on some emotional level. Every gesture has a different meaning. So instead of bragging about your University degree, dazzle her with your wit and charm. Instead of talking about how healthy you are, tell her why you love going to the gym, and how it makes you feel so invigorated and alive. A woman will like you for how you make her feel.

I see it all the time. A guy walks up to a woman and starts a conversation in a way that communicates: “I need your approval. Please like me!” But idolizing women will NOT make her feel any more attraction for you. In fact, it has the reverse effect. As David DeAngelo likes to say, neediness is the death of attraction.

So how do you trigger a woman’s “emotional hot buttons”?

The bad boy is a good example. He’s exciting, unpredictable, and keeps women emotionally intrigued. Women crave the emotional ups and downs that the bad boy creates for them. Women can literally become addicted to this kind of emotional roller coaster ride.

You see, in the game of courtship, it’s all about presentation. When you go to a job interview, you’re selling yourself. And when you meet a woman you’re interested in, you’re selling yourself in the most complex way. (Have you ever seen a healthy and successful husband putting up with an unattractive and demanding wife? It’s pretty obvious that somebody did the selling.) Whether or not you make a powerful impression on her will depend on how she feels in your presence. It’s your attitude that will create her emotional state.

Guys who are scarcity-principle minded tend to come off as desperate and needy. Attempting to rush into an exclusive relationship quickly raises a woman’s defense mechanisms. She feels closed-in and pressured. Her emotional instinct tells her to run away from you.

Never threaten a woman’s sense of freedom.

A good salesman understands that you can’t rush the customer to make a commitment until they’re ready. But most men are way too eager to jump into the first exclusive relationship that becomes available to them. Why? Because they believe in the scarcity principle: the idea that good women are hard to find.

Have you ever noticed how more opportunities with women arise when you’re already in an exclusive relationship? That’s because you’re give off a feeling of confidence, not desperation.

Want to get the girl? Then stop trying to convince her to like you. She will like you more because of it.

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