On Being A Man (And The Emasculation Of Men)

Posted by Sage, January 8, 2019.

Being a man in today’s society is somewhat of a lost art…

The rise of feminism has inadvertently encouraged women to be disrespectful and condescending to men. Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms depict men as either incompetent and aloof on the one hand, or an emotionless and coldhearted asshole on the other. It’s not socially correct for us guys to express our feelings. Yet we are expected to be sensitive and caring to a woman’s needs.

Without a proper father figure, we only have society’s distorted views of what it means to be a man: the beer guzzler, the meathead, the insensitive jock. It’s no wonder that men have forgotten what it means to be a man.

And it’s not that women have changed. Women are simply going along with it, following our lead. It’s the men who have lost their way.

The irony is that even with all their social power, women are generally unhappy in their relationships with men. Why? Because women don’t want an adolescent boy in an adult body. They want a real man, someone who is masculine and driven, and respectful.

The feminine will always be naturally drawn to the masculine.

Women want you to have a backbone and stick up for yourself. In fact, women won’t respect you until you become respect-worthy. So don’t be surprised when she tests your manhood; she just needs to know that she can trust you. It’s how you deal with her tests that will tell her just what kind of man you are.

The first step is to stop apologizing for who you are. I submit to you that the more honest and direct you become, the more she will respect you, treat you like a high-status male, and want to be with you.

Here are five more ways you can become manlier without being wimpy, and without being a cold-hearted jerk.

1 – Make Your Own Decisions

Boys who make decisions based on what others expect of them will never mature as men. They might get married, have children, and find a great job, but their life purpose will be incongruent to their true path.

A real man understands the power of choice. He knows that by making any decision towards one destination, he must forgo all others. He understands that there is no guarantee he’ll make it to his destination. But he doesn’t let that stop him. He’s motivated by his sense of inevitability that following his life path WILL get him to the place he needs to be.

Don’t look for other’s approvals when making YOUR decisions. When you are on your heart-centered path, it doesn’t matter if the world is against you.

2 – Be Willing To Make Mistakes

A real man doesn’t preoccupy himself with pointless worry as it only diminishes his feelings of confidence and self-trust. He understands that change takes courage, and without making changes, he will never grow.

When learning any new skill, understand that you’re going to make mistakes. Don’t worry if you mess up. It’s better to try and fail than to do nothing — you’ll develop far more as a man from your failures.

Playing it safe also diminishes your attractiveness to women. In fact, the very act of taking chances—for example, approaching a woman during the day time—is in itself an attractive quality to women, even if you don’t have a great opener.

3 – Choose Relationships Wisely

The relationships you allow in your life shows other people which behaviors are acceptable to you. Hold yourself accountable for the people in your life.

Human emotions can spread from person to person like a contagious disease. And whether or not you want to accept it, you will become more and more like the people who you spend the most time with — whether you want to or not.

Your friends, family, and lovers all have some level of influence on your way of thinking. It’s not always possible to remove these people from your life, but you can seek out company that supports you, and challenges you to reach your next level. But don’t tolerate anyone who tries to bring you down.

So if someone is no longer compatible to your goals and values, accept responsibility and consciously spend less time with them. Or, break it off completely without blame.

4 – Express Yourself

A real man isn’t ashamed of his sexuality. Nor does he hide from it. He is confident in who he is and is true to his nature.

Allow your sexual energy to explode through your heart and lifestyle. Embrace your desire for women and sex. As a man, it’s your job – your duty – to appreciate and pursue the beauty of sexuality.

Women have a sixth sense when it comes to detecting a man of sexual confidence. Don’t run away from your nature as a man. Embrace it.

5 – Face Your Fears

Avoiding your fears will only increase your feelings of anxiety and depression in the long run. Most of your so-called fears in life are nothing but irrational thoughts. But being afraid of something is often reason enough to do it.

Fear can only be eradicated by challenging it. Learn to feel the fear, but do it anyway! This is how you achieve a sense of real peace and lasting confidence.

Does the thought of approaching attractive women scare you? Great! Set a goal for yourself that you’ll approach at least twenty girls next week. Afraid of heights? Awesome! Spend the weekend going bungee-jumping or skydiving. It’s by boldly engaging your fears that you become more aligned to your TRUE masculine self.

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