Social Proof and Its Role in Attracting Beautiful Women

Posted by Sage, January 14, 2019.

Women are very observant. They pay attention to details and will take note of how you interact with other people. They will use this information to determine what kind of guy you are. This is known as social proof.

It happens early on. Even before you meet a woman, she will use social clues to size you up as a potential lover. A man in a bar talking to an attractive woman is deemed to be a more attractive man. It’s also why women tend to be attracted to married men and guys who are already in relationships. If other women are attracted to the man, then there must be a reason why, which makes her curious, and makes her want to learn more about him.

Interestingly, the females of some species of birds are also known to use this yardstick during mate selection. If a female bird sees one or more other females mating with a particular male, then she is more likely to mate with him.

But social proof isn’t just about being seen with other beautiful women…

The people you hang out with speaks volumes about who you as a person. Do your friends look like a cool bunch of people? Do you tend to spend time with people who are successful and ambitious? Or does your social circle consist of the same drinking buddies you’ve had since high school?

Women have almost a sixth sense when it comes to reading social status. And she will use this information to either quality you or disqualify you. Do you consider yourself a leader amongst your friends? Or do you find yourself following the pack and doing things that you don’t really want to.

If your friends are always pissing you off, then it’s time to change your social circle. Distance yourself from negative people and begin to surround yourself with more positive people. But be open to meeting new people who think different than you. Hanging out with people that you actually really like will also do wonders for your confidence.

But let’s get back to the dating arena…

Let’s say you’re having a conversation with a woman that you’re interested in, but she seems to be playing hard to get by keeping her defenses up and giving you a hard time. One thing you can do is immediately disconnect from her and start talking to another woman. After she sees you having a good time with other people (without her), she will second guess her initial judgment of you, thinking that maybe she made a mistake by not being warmer to. If you decide to talk to her again later on, then she’ll probably be more receptive. If not, then move on.

Here are other examples of how you can demonstrate social proof to attract women:

Example 1 – If a woman asks if you have a girlfriend, don’t say “I’m single” since this will only make her think “Why aren’t other girls attracted to him?” Instead, tell her that you’re casually seeing other women at the moment, but that you haven’t yet found the right girl yet.

Example 2 – Let’s say you’re at a restaurant on a first date. When the waitress approaches your table, you can casually flirt with her. Give her a warm smile and ask her how her day was. This will show your date that you’re comfortable around other women. It will also tell her that you’re the one qualifying her, and not the other way around.

Example 3 – Talk to random strangers, anyone. So the next time you walk by an old lady on the sidewalk, give her a friendly “hello” as you pass by her. This shows your date that you have a warm personality and that you genuinely like people.

These kinds of social interactions not only make you a more attractive person, but they force you to become a more social person. But what if you’re not a natural conversationalist? In that case, you will need to invest some time and effort into improving your conversation skills. These products will show you how.

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