The Key To Approaching Women During The Day

Posted by Sage, January 5, 2019.

Do you ever see girls you want to talk to during the day? Are you not sure what to say? Or are you worried they’re going to think you’re weird?

I know exactly how you feel. And I know that daytime approaches can be scary. But you’ll be glad to know that they’re easier than you think. I’ve met plenty of amazing hot girls at the coffee shop, mall and even bus stop. So what’s the secret? Here are a few tips to make meeting women during the day easier for you.

How you feel makes the biggest difference

Many guys feel weird about approaching women in the daytime. Since it’s not in a bar or club, they feel they shouldn’t be doing it. But it’s only weird if you make it weird. If you walk up to a girl in a coffee shop and think you shouldn’t be doing this, she can sense that right away. It’s this uneasiness that creates the “weird vibe”. Change this way of thinking and your daytime interactions will go much more smoothly.

So how do change this?

The best way to change this limited way of thinking is by approaching more girls. The more women you meet, the more you’ll realize how most of your limited beliefs you have about approaching women are false.

The fact of the matter is women WANT you to approach them – day or night. Many guys are afraid they might be bothering girls during the day if they talk to them (I used to be one of those guys). But this couldn’t be further from the truth. I would even argue that women prefer to meet men during the day. Why? Because it makes for a better story than meeting a guy at a bar or club and helps to infuse some excitement in her daily life.

A helpful tip for approaching girls is to make it more about her and less about you. Instead of focusing on getting something from her (such as a phone number or date), focus on creating a unique enjoyable experience for the both of you. Adopting this mindset should help to remove much of the fear and anxiety you might have about approaching women.

Just by approaching makes you stand out

One reason why I love daygame is because I don’t have to compete with a bunch of other guys for her attention. In a club, it’s not uncommon for an attractive girl to be approached by dozens of guys in a given night. This makes your job harder since she’s likely have her defences up for the next guy who wants to talk to her. And this isn’t even including the million other distractions (like the loud music, shooting lights, her friends, other people bumping into you, etc.) that make it impossible to have a decent conversation. You won’t have to deal with any of this during the day. And unlike a club, there’s no cover.

Approaching during the day also creates a much more powerful effect since she’s not expecting it. She’s going through the same boring daily routine and the last thing she’s expecting is to meet a cool charming guy. YOU can be that guy. Some great daytime places to meet women include the mall, bookstore, coffee shop, and even the subway (this takes balls!). The key is to choose places that you often frequent without the main objective of meeting women there. This makes the whole process more enjoyable and fun. Plus you’ll feel more natural in as well.

However, whatever environment you find yourself in, it’s still important to maintain confident body language during your approach. This means giving a nice warm smile, looking her straight in the eye, and keeping a straight posture. As you talk to her, keep your arms relaxed and avoid any sudden or jerky movements. Remember, maintaining confident body language is vital no matter where you meet women.

Understand the social context

Context means everything in an interaction. What may be appropriate in one place may be inappropriate in another. This is really important and one thing that many guys fail to realize. Knowing and respecting the social rules of the environment shows that you’re emotionally and socially intelligent. How you would act in a bookstore vs. in a club is vastly different. One environment is quiet and peaceful where everyone is reading. The other is loud and packed where everyone is dancing.

This is one reason why street approaches are hard. People on the street are usually on their way to do something and don’t have time or aren’t interested in being stopped by a random stranger. How do you feel during those times when you’re rushing to work and you’ve been approached by someone trying to sell you something? Chances are, not very charitable.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t approach people on the street? No, I’m not saying that either. I’ve met plenty of amazing women when I’ve been out and about during my day. Just realize that your chances of getting a woman to stop and chat when she’s rushing off to somewhere are going to be lower. By being aware of the social context and respecting her needs, your daytime interactions are going to go much smoother.

The differences between daygame and nightgame

One of the biggest differences I’d argue is that there are just more hot women during the day. I’m not saying there aren’t hot women at the club (because there are) but a lot of the hottest women avoid bars and clubs since they always get hit on by drunk dumb guys. Luckily, they don’t avoid the streets and shopping malls – which is great for you.

Another difference is that the energy is much lower during the day. There isn’t blaring music and hordes of drunk people packed into a small place. They daytime environment is more laid back and you won’t need as much energy as you would in a bar or club. That’s why low-key openers like compliments are great for the daytime.

Complimenting a girl on her looks in a club likely isn’t going to have as much of an impact since she might have already had ten other guys hit on her that night. However, the same compliment during the day can be quite powerful and can be a great way to start off a conversation. The secret to making compliment-openers work is to be genuine and not expect anything in return. If she feels you’re genuinely showing your appreciation and not trying to get something from her, she’ll be much more receptive to your approach.

A great way to adopt this “no-strings-attached” mindset is to approach girls and tell them something you appreciate about them — and then walk away. Don’t wait around or try to get her phone number. This will train you to get comfortable approaching women without expecting to get something in return. By doing this, you’ll become less needy, nervous and anxious around women. You’ll also become more naturally attractive. In fact, you’ll likely start to get a bit of a high doing this and be compelled to want to approach women during the day.

Remember, there are seven days in a week. Why would you limit yourself to only meeting women on a Friday or Saturday night? So get out there and tell the next beautiful girl you see how amazing she looks.

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