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Feeling down because your ex left you? Not sure what to do to get her back?  Pull Your Ex Back is an ebook and audio course that give you a clear path to rekindling your relationship with your ex. It’s not the most original product out there, but it does offer sound advice that will help you get together with your ex. Having said that, the effectiveness of the product will depend on your situation.
  • Total Score 77 / 100

  • Overall Presentation 6 / 10
  • Effectiveness 14 / 20
  • Practicability 17 / 20
  • Innovativeness 14 / 20
  • Value For Money 19 / 20
  • Other Score 7 / 10
  • Product Details

    • Expert: Ryan Hall
    • Level: Beginner
    • Format: E-Book, Audio (Download)
    • Price: $47
    • Where To Buy: pullyourexback.com
    • Guarantee: ​60-day money back

Who This Product Is For

The advice is written for both men and women. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, then you’re not doing yourself any good. And that kind of mindset will definitely not bring your girl back. The longer you wait after the breakup, the harder it will be to pull her back.  So the strategies will work best if you’ve just recently been dumped. The book can also prevent a relationship from falling apart. So if you think you’re at risk of losing your partner, then you need to do something about it before it’s too late.

What’s Included

  • Pull Your Ex Back (ebook)
  • Pull Your Ex Back (audiobook)
  • 21 Most Important Keys To Getting Your Ex Back (ebook)
  • Black Book Mind Control (ebook)
  • Power Book (ebook)

Pull Your Ex Back Review

Pull Your Ex Back was created by Ryan Hall. The format of the program is an instantly downloadable e-book along with the audio version if you prefer listening to the audiobook.

The Two Main Concepts

There are two main concepts taught in the book. The first is about managing your emotions.  The biggest mistake you can make is to act on your impulses. After a breakup, your judgment will often be clouded.  So before you follow any of the following techniques, it’s advised that you first get control over your emotions so that you have a clearer perspective on whether or not you should even get back with her in the first place.

This is an important idea. There’s a reason why she left you.  And it might not even be in your best interest (or hers) for you to get back together. You may be thinking that she’s the only one for you, but until you’re able to take control of your emotional mindset, then you won’t be able to make a rational decision.

One piece of advice offered to similar to what’s taught in the Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browing. Ryan recommends giving the girl her space for approximately 30 days. That means no contact for a month. During this time, it’s recommended that you get on with your life as much as you can. The more you can get out and enjoy your life, the more your ex will think that she made a mistake by leaving you.

I’m not sure if this is always good advice.  And here lies the crux of my first complaint:  The book assumes a one-size-fits-all. If your girlfriend left you because she suspected you were cheating on her, and when she sees you having fun without her, then your attitude could justify her suspicions.  So the effectiveness of this course will depend on why the breakup happened in the first place.

Creating Jealousy

Some of the techniques rely on creating jealousy. The idea here is to make the girl feel as if she made a big mistake by leaving you. This can be a very effective technique if you can pull it off correctly.  Get this right and your ex may realize what she’s missing.

There’s also some great advice about how to stop being needy.  Neediness is the death of attraction.  And if your ex senses that you’re desperate to get her back, then you risk pushing her away even further.  This is why your emotional state is so important.

Bonus Items

In addition to the main ebook and audiobook, there are 3 bonus items. The first is the 21 Most Important Keys To Getting Your Ex Back which is a summary of all the techniques and strategies taught in the main program. There’s also a Black Book Mind Control ebook offering general advice taught in psychology, but not that applicable to dating. The third ebook is the Power Book which is a crash course on how to maintain power in relationships instead of being a victim. This guide will be particularly helpful if you’re the jealous type.


The Pull Your Ex Back review gives you an e-book that’s a decent guide on how to get back with your ex. It’s not all that original, and the advice might not be applicable to your situation. But if you’ve just recently broken up and you feel that it’s important you get her back, then you’ll want to purchase this product.

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