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rob judge

Rob Judge quickly made a name for himself in the New York dating scene with The 4 Elements Of Game. This revolutionary ebook offers innovative advice that is both unique and effective–a rare combination in the seduction community. With the success of his first product, Judge went on to create other high-quality products including his refreshing texting and sexting guide Magnetic Messaging. He’s also the co-creator along with Bobby Rio of the 2014 multimedia course Unlock Her Legs which teaches you how to turn any female friend into your lover.

#1 - Magnetic Messaging Review (92 / 100)

Magnetic Messaging is an e-book that teaches you how to attract women by using text messages.  Written by Bobby Rio, creator of the Conversation Escalation program, and Rob Judge, author of The 4 Elements Of Game, my expectation for the book was high.  And just like these other products, Magnetic Messaging delivered the goods.  In this review, I’ll talk about what I liked most about the book as well as what could have been improved.
magnetic messaging

#2 - Unlock Her Legs Review (88 / 100)

Unlock Her Legs is a complete dating advice system that teaches you how to turn a friend into a lover. Most dating coaches recommend against putting all your efforts into getting one girl. What they usually recommend is meeting and dating as many women as possible.  But what if you don’t care about meeting other women? What if the girl of your dreams is already your friend or co-worker? Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have the answer for you. In this Unlock Her Legs review, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of this program, and whether or not you should invest in it.
unlock her legs

#3 - The 4 Elements Of Game Review (86 / 100)

I’ve studied many books and online courses on the subject of women and attraction.  There are many good products out there, and then there are all the imitators. The 4 Elements Of Game, although not as popular as other guides, is definitely one of the better and more innovative guides. It fills a much needed niche by giving you honest advice that is both practical and easy to implement. Rob Judge and Zack Bauer, the authors of the book, focus on the four most important key areas. The book is authentic, easy to relate to, and offers some real gems of wisdom that students of all levels will benefit from.
4 elements of game

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