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Sexual Communication is an online video course taught by David DeAngelo.  It’s a follow-up to his Power Sexuality course.  Whereas that course focused more on the inner game of sexual confidence, the Sexual Communication course is more outer game focused.  The topic:  How to flirt and attract women through sexual communication so that you date and sleep with hotter women.
  • Total Score 82 / 100

  • Overall Presentation 8 / 10
  • Effectiveness 17 / 20
  • Practicability 17 / 20
  • Innovativeness 14 / 20
  • Value For Money 18 / 20
  • Other Score 8 / 10

Who This Product Is For

If you want to avoid the friend zone, then this is one of the better products out there.  DeAngelo has been teaching dating advice and flirting skills for over a decade and offers practical solutions for the average guy.  It’s not only about pickup artistry, it’s about becoming a more genuine version of yourself.  But it’s also about becoming more sexually attractive to women.  How?  By communicating in a way that conveys attractive male qualities such as confidence, leadership, and dominance.

What’s Included

  • Sexual Communication (6+ hours of video material)

Sexual Communication Review

When this product was first launched in 2004, it was available as a DVD or CD course.  It’s still available as an optional CD course, but you now get instant online access to all 6+ hours of video material.

DeAngelo kicks off the first video by talking about the importance of leadership.  If you tend to fall in the “friend zone” or “nice guy” categories, or if you just never seem to get the kind of response you’d like from attractive women, then chances you’re not that good at leading.

Learn To Lead

Women want you to take the lead.  She will test your leadership.  And if you fail her tests, she will become less attracted to you.  She will then further test you, and if you continue to fail her tests, then eventually she will feel no sexual attraction towards you.  Sometimes it’s better not to ask for her opinion.  Just lead.  Most women, at least the high-quality woman, want you to do this.

Common Dating Myths

DeAngelo breaks down the common dating myths.  For instance, there’s a difference between a woman feeling attracted to you, and her feeling affection for you.  She might like you as a person–she might feel comfortable hanging with a “nice guy”–but that doesn’t mean she’s attracted to you physically.  Sometimes the “rules” of male-female dynamics don’t make logical sense, and often completely reversed from the common perception of what women want.

That doesn’t mean this course will teach you how to be a domineering jerk.  Quite the contrary: by studying this advice in this program, you’ll learn how to communicate in a more confident, dominant, and sexually attractive way, without coming off as needy, desperate, or a jerk.

Flirting Skills & Communication

Another big topic is flirting skills.  Here DeAngelo gives examples of how to communicate what you want in a subtle way that is socially appropriate.  You don’t want to give off the playboy vibe, but you also don’t want to be too nice either.  There’s a fine line, and often times it’s your thoughts that are preventing you from making the necessary changes in your communication habits.

DeAngelo provides a step-by-step approach for overcoming your limiting beliefs about sexual attraction.  It involves first writing down your 10 beliefs, and then by breaking them down using logic, you’re able to systematically eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs.  So there is inner game work to be done as well on this program. Don’t skip these exercises–they’re important!

For most guys, the communication tips will give you the fastest results in your dating life.  Some of the techniques are more effective than others, and the effectiveness will depend partially on your personality type.  But overall, the advice is solid, practical, and fairly easy to implement.

The 4-Step System

One of the bigger takeaways for me was his 4-step system of seduction.  It involves 4 distinct stages which he covers in detail.  The 4 steps are 1) Sparking Attraction, 2) Building Sexual Tension, 3) Amplifying the Attraction, and finally 4) Advancing Physically.  It simplified the whole “game” and makes it easy to understand which area you need to work on. Within these sections, you’ll learn about body language, voice tone, playing hard to get, sending and receiving non-verbal signals, and dealing with her tests.  This 4-step system is the crux of the program and summarizes the most important concepts of the course.


Sexual Communication provides an easy-to-apply framework for making massive improvements to your flirting skills.  As with most of DeAngelo’s products, there is some overlap with his earlier advice.  But if dating conversation is one of your weaker areas, then you’ll want to consider investing in this program.

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